Vision…Mission And believes

Our Vision

MBA will be regionally known for its contribution and collaboration within the sector of education and business, while providing one on one services to establish other educational facilities, groups and individuals in order that affiliated and non-affiliated public and private educational facilities and people can develop and reach their fullest potential through the services provided by MBA.



Our Mission

The Mission of MBA is to serve the community of educators in every facet and process of learning and application. To be a support and resource for teachers, schools, educational centers, trainers and businesses; thus achieving the goal of advancing educational standards and increasing knowledge which will result in the advancement of society in Egypt and have a significant, positive global impact. 


our Believes

Building relationships between educators and schools that are conducive to continuous learning

Serving the community and society by working in each area of educational development

Providing support, resources and services to all parties

Assisting schools, businesses and individuals in their unique process of development

Dedicating extended support for the long term and ongoing success of customers, colleagues and MBA Associates


 We offer

  • Engineers and architects to design and build your school or office
  • Knowledge and assistance with legal requirements and forms
  • Business projections






  • IT Engineering-complete school or business intra-company programs, software and systems
  • Safety and Security equipment installation
  • Transportation Management



  • Classroom or business office furnishings that reflect the environment you want
  • Classroom or business office furnishings that reflect the environment you want


Woman secretary hard working. Busy business woman.

Administrative Help

  • Quality Assurance procedures
  • HR Consultants recruit, test and hire as well as setting up systems for databases, surveys and more
  • Administration-sets up and trains file and document management


Public Relations-Customer services, building your reputation and management of all events

  • Marketing Program designed for each customer with their needs at the forefront

Available to assist in creating Mission and Vision statements and Organizational Charts



MBA was established in 2011 by Dr. Mohamed Noor El-Din in order to provide education, continuous learning, and systems to establish learning facilities with the goal of advancing and inspiring seekers of knowledge throughout Egypt and the MENA region.

Mansoura Business Academy has been licensed by the Arab Academy for Technology and Science since it’s founding.